PXP Financial has a long heritage in the cruise sector, because we understand the many-into-one needs of operators. Here’s how we consolidate many channels, payment methods, currencies and acquiring to maximise savings for you. 


Cruise operators were operating cross- or multi-channel before the birth of the internet. Today passengers still book their cruises via a call centre, travel agent or online. They then give their credit card details on embarkation, plus shop face-to-face whilst on-board.

If you trade across channels, you need a payments infrastructure that is easy to deploy and maintain. This is especially the case if your ships are not in port for long. Our hosted solution runs on a ‘thin’ application, which means it is set up on our host with little to no configuration required client side. Deployment is quick and easy. 

By way of an example, we rolled out our solution to one of our retail clients with 800 stores within two weeks at the touch of a button. 

Multi-everything else

Cruise operators are not only having to contend with multiple channels. There are also the multiple payment methods, currencies and acquiring relationships.

Passengers have tried and tested ways of paying. Offering a range of popular payment methods helps minimise lost sales and drive customer satisfaction. PXP provides acceptance of international card brands, plus country-specific bank products and wallets through one easy-to-implement interface.

You want to make passengers feel at home wherever and however they spend with you by offering payment in their local currency. We support nearly 80 currencies, plus dynamic currency conversion to make the logistics of multi-currency easy for you.

Multiple acquiring relationships seems a good idea in theory. However, setting up such arrangements in practice can quickly become complex and unwieldy. As well as our own acquiring we also offer access to a diverse network of acquirers and providers across all the countries in which you operate through a single contract. 

Consolidating relationships

Getting paid can quickly become complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive when you trade across multiple channels, payment methods, currencies and acquiring relationships. Consolidating relationships into one global payments partner helps maximise time, cost and efficiency savings. 

PXP Financial

The End-to-end payment platform

PXP Financial provides a single unified payments platform to accept payments online, on mobile and at the point of sale. Powered by inhouse global acquiring, 200+ alternative payment methods & financial services, PXP processes over EUR 16 billion annually through our unified gateway.

Whatever your business needs today or tomorrow, PXP Financials’ innovative payment platform will support your business growth with all the payment services you will ever need from one source, wherever your business takes you.

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