PXP Financial has been at the forefront of shaping and driving payments innovation for many years. Today, we have more than 150 employees from 25 nationalities working in offices across different corners of the globe. We thought we'd give you a world tour of PXP offices to help you get to know us that little bit more. Next stop - Sofia, the bustling capital of Bulgaria.

Sofia is a modern, youthful city, with an eclectic feel. Home to many of Bulgaria's finest museums, galleries, restaurants and clubs, it’s also home to one of PXP Financial’s busy offices. We caught up with Senior Network Administrator, Stoyan Stoyanov, to find out what life’s like at PXP Sofia.

Q: What does your typical workday look like?

Stoyan: I tend to go to the gym early in the morning and then arrive in the office – most of the time I’m the first one through the door and it is very peaceful. It’s not long before everyone else arrives though, and the day begins.

The teams here work primarily in Development and Infrastructure but we also have Product and Risk too - our office is a vital Technology hub for PXP. My team is responsible for the IT and Infrastructure operations for our products. We make sure the uptime of our systems is extremely high and everything runs smoothly.

My first port of call is to check the top-level system health/performance dashboards and any open incidents that may have been raised overnight. I will then align with the multiple teams on the ongoing projects we’re working on, allocate tasks and start on my own workload.

In a typical day there’s also a design and architecture meeting with key stakeholders about a new feature which will further enhance our platforms. From an operational perspective, everything we do must be flawless and smooth to ensure the best customer experience.

Q: What do you think Sofia is best known for?

Stoyan: Bulgaria is well known for its picturesque mountains, refreshing seaside and wine regions so there is something for everyone. Because it’s located in the Balkan peninsula you can find a lot of cultures and traditions here, which also is true for the food – we enjoy an exquisite mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours.

Q: What do you most value about your office and why?

Stoyan: I love when we gather in the office to brainstorm solutions to problems on the whiteboard. Of course, when we work remotely we have to do this virtually which is why I really look forward to it when we meet in person. It’s also just a lovely office to be in, located close to the city centre of our capital, with an amazing 360o view.

Q: What are the interesting things happening in the payments industry in Bulgaria?

Stoyan: There is a significant growth in our sector within Bulgaria where a variety of fintech solutions are being developed. There’s now more than 200 fintech startups here, and most of them are based in Sofia – it’s fair to say the region is soon to be a hub for fintech’s in south east Europe. I’m so excited that PXP is part of that and strengthening its position by expanding in this country.

Q: What was your last team day/night event?

Stoyan: Our office organizes regular events for colleagues to socialize and have fun. Recently we’ve been bowling, go-karting, and enjoyed drinks in the evening. We’re lucky enough to be just 10 minutes from the city centre where there are a lot of amazing places for delicious food from around the world and of course traditional Bulgarian dishes.

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