PXP Financial is excited to announce a new integration with Prommt, the payment communication platform.

Prommt gives the hospitality, retail and service industries a faster, more secure and frictionless payment experience for their customers by helping businesses to automate repetitive tasks such as payment reminders, notifications and receipts, and makes it easier and more convenient for customers to transact.

Prommt also solves the growing threat of card fraud and the challenge of chargebacks associated with over-the-phone and other unsecured payments. Prommt enables clients of PXP’s ANYpay Gateway to eliminate these high risk transactions using secure and branded payment requests.

“The Prommt partnership and integration with PXP Financials ANYpay Gateway adds a further payments dimension critical to our Customer’s offering of payments taken securely via Pay-by-Link or SMS, reducing the headache of payments collection. The impressive ease of use and interactive service provided by Prommt will enhance both Customer and Consumer payments experience across all sectors backed up by PXPs secure payments service. We are delighted with the Prommt service having achieved validation recently”, said Franco Del Basso, Head of Business Development and PXP Director.”

“We’re pleased to have completed validation on the PXP Financial gateway which will enable us to bring our request to pay solution and an ongoing roadmap of new features to PXP’s client base” said Adam Ball, CEO of Prommt. “We look forward to working with PXP to bring Prommt’s great payment experiences to their clients.”

To learn more about Prommt and read some of their case studies in hospitality and other sectors, please visit prommt.com/case-studies.

To find out further information about PXP Financial, visit their website for more information https://www.pxpfinancial.com/




About PXP Financial

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