PXP Financial has recently announced a new partnership with Prommt, the payment request platform, to enable secure pay-by-link via Email and SMS, complementing PXPs existing payments channels. The functionality is now available to all PXP Financial customers via the ANYpay gateway.

Hotels can incorporate pay-by-link into their booking procedures eliminating any risky card on file booking forms (something that should have ceased many years ago, however, is still noticeable in the Hotel sector today). Franco Del Basso, PXP  Head of Account and Partner Development explains all…

We live in digital times

These days there’s a digital way to do everything, whether you want to collaborate with colleagues, open a bank account and even renew a passport. It’s against this backdrop that our partnership with Prommt introduces another digital way to pay.

Prommt sends guests a secure, personalised link via email or text. They click on this to enter their payment details on a secure payment page, hosted on PXP’s ANYpay gateway. The transaction is taken through 3D Secure protecting it from card fraud and malicious chargebacks. The hotel can also use Prommt to store a card on file (securely tokenised by PXP) for subsequent transactions.

It’s quick, convenient and secure for guests. It also helps reduce operating costs for hotels as they do not have to store, process or transmit sensitive card data, which helps reduce risk and PCI scope.


Sidestep data security issues

Guests who book directly with a hotel are acknowledged to have greater brand recall and loyalty. They are also more likely to book repeat stays. Indeed many hotels offer incentives to encourage guests to book direct. However, taking payments over the phone requires a lot of workaround processes to keep card data secure.

Similarly, online booking sites and travel agencies may offer convenience that appeals to guests, but this is not without its issues. Such bookings are often through unsecured reservations. This means there’s greater scope for first- and third-party fraud.

Being able to send customers a secure, one-time link for them to book and pay direct neatly sidesteps many of these data security issues.


Autocharge guests easily

Historically, hotels may have stored card data to reserve rooms, perform pre-authorisations, top-up authorisations, or process delayed charges. For example, to secure payment for corporate event bookings or to apply charges after check-out.

Now, hotels can do all of this using the Prommt Autocharge feature, with no need to take or store card details. Here’s how it works:

  1. During booking, the hotel sends the guest a payment request for a deposit which includes an optional or mandatory opt-in to Autocharge.

  2. When the corporate event is over or the guest checks out, hotel staff use the Prommt integration to charge the final balance to the card.

  3. The guest receives an e-mail notification detailing the charge that has been applied.

Autocharge greatly reduces the potential for revenue leakage when running large-scale events concurrently. And helps busy front-desk staff stay on top of extras without detaining guests any longer than necessary at check-out.

To find out more

If you’d like to learn more about how PXP and Prommt can transform the way you request, collect and manage payments, book a demo today. Simply email sales@pxpfinancial.com or complete the form below.

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