iGB Amsterdam is one of the most prestigious gaming B2B conferences in the world. Each year, thousands of gaming professionals attend the event, which features exhibitions, conferences, and networking opportunities.

As always, we were lucky enough to join the industry experts showcasing innovative ideas and advanced technology, and learn from those leading the way in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Amsterdam RAI - the biggest exhibition space in the Netherlands - we soaked in invaluable insights poised to shape our company's future, particularly from the payment service perspective.

The conference was segmented into areas focusing on online casino software, gaming platforms, payment solutions, legal and regulatory guidance, marketing strategies, affiliation opportunities, and corporate services. Each section was a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and connect.

With so much to take in it’s difficult to pick just one highlight, so here are our top three takeaways from iGB Amsterdam 2023…

The need for friction-free mobile gaming

The global mobile gaming market earned around $92.2 billion in 2022. That represents 52% of total global gaming revenue that year, so we weren’t surprised to find it was a hot topic throughout the event.

There were some fascinating discussions around mobile gaming trends which emphasised the importance of optimising platforms for seamless mobile experiences, something that resonated deeply with us as a payment service provider.

The future of payments is not further into digital or connectedness, but into invisibility. This is particularly true in the gaming space, where players don’t want to have gameplay disrupted by making a payment.

We understand that providing smooth and convenient mobile payment solutions is crucial for meeting the evolving needs of modern gamers, and this mobile-first approach aligns perfectly with our company's mission to deliver exceptional payment experiences to our valued merchants and their customers.

Greater personalisation through AI

During the event there was a lot of excitement around harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to make personalised payment recommendations based on user behaviour, and we are certainly seeing more competition from retailers and other tech-savvy companies that put personalisation at the centre of their business models.

Soon, segmenting and microtargeting won’t go far enough. Consumers will expect hyper-personalisation: the ability to use data and analytics to develop a deep understanding of each customer’s needs and orchestrate a set of tailored experiences. Gamers are no exception.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already rapidly transforming the online gambling industry to improve customer service, prevent fraud, create new and innovative games, as well as personalise the gambling experience for each player.

It’s also a game-changer for the payments industry. AI can make tailored payment recommendations that assist in optimising a payment process. Based on the detection of personalised spending patterns, it can also enable automated payments, reducing the amount of time and effort customers spend making payments. At PXP Financial we recognise the huge potential to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, and how this tech can benefit our merchants and end-users.

The value of data-driven insights

Data-driven insights, mainly through AI-driven analytics, was another significant topic during the event. Once again, we come back to what’s at the heart of it all: improving the customer experience. That starts with treating payment data as a strategic asset. Payment data provides a clear picture of customers, and their purchases, to businesses in near real-time. Having access to this data means companies benefit from a deep understanding of the customer journey and create a better experience.

At PXP, we understand the critical role of data in understanding our merchants' needs and their customers' preferences. Leveraging this data, we can create tailor-made payment solutions and offer personalised services that cater to each merchant's unique requirements. By analysing their transaction patterns, chargeback rates, and other key metrics, we can provide data-backed recommendations to optimise their payment processes and maximise revenue.

We were so eager to share these revelations with our product and management team as soon as we returned from Amsterdam. We firmly believe that by staying at the forefront of mobile gaming trends, exploring innovative payment solutions, and leveraging data-driven insights, we will be better equipped to lead the way in the card-acquiring space and offer unparalleled payment experiences to our merchants.

With renewed enthusiasm and strategic direction, PXP Financial will continue to thrive and maintain its position as a frontrunner in the payment service industry.