People buy from people. So, service can make or break a sale. As more and more of our customers roll out mPOS in their stores, they are finding that making staff mobile has implications for service and training.


Performing routine tasks

Helping customers locate products, providing information and advice on them will always be important. However, deploying mPOS devices in-store enables staff to do these routine tasks more quickly and easily.

Naturally, it depends what you sell. But with so many lines and new stock coming into store all the time, it can be difficult for staff to stay on top of everything. Equipping staff with mPOS devices allows them to serve customers more knowledgably wherever they are in store.


Combatting ‘showrooming’

It’s not called the information age for nothing. The internet has democratised information. Online product descriptions, ratings, reviews and price comparisons are all available at the click of a button. Customers can also check prices online in real-time whilst in store. If they find goods better or cheaper elsewhere, they can buy them immediately.

mPOS just one weapon to combat the practice of ‘showrooming’. It could potentially level the playing field if your mobile-toting staff are equipped with the full range of goods from your website to sell. Together with their in-person product knowledge and expertise, they can close more sales with customers on the spot.


Improving the customer experience

mPOS is great for queue-busting at busy times, such as lunchtimes, weekends and seasonal peaks. However, there is plenty more capacity to exploit. mPOS devices are effectively mobile computers, payment terminals and stock management devices in one.

Configured correctly, mPOS can give a real-time, single view of stock and customers. This is a powerful combination. It helps staff with consultative and curated selling. And helps staff boost revenue through more targeted cross- and up-selling.


Expanding store footprint

mPOS gives you the flexibility to trade outside your main store environment. For example in temporary pop-up stores, at concessions or on customers’ doorsteps. With no wires, no cables and no sacrifice of retail space, mPOS helps get you up and running with card acceptance quickly. It is simple and secure and allows you to trial new ways to serve customers and deploy staff.


Training your staff

In-store service has always been about people: staff, customers and their friends and family members. So, mPOS will change in-store service and layout as well as how that service is delivered.

Staff have to be trained on how to process payment on the mPOS device. Moreover, as every staff member with a device is now equipped to make as well as process sales, retailers have to invest in broader sales training. This includes engaging customers, asking the right questions, closing sales and building brand loyalty.


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