To start off, we want to thank everyone who visited us during ICE London 2020. It was great to meet with both new faces and old, and we hope you walked away having learnt something from us (and also snacking on the delicious cupcakes we had on the stand).
ICE London is an important event for us as we have been active in the regulated gaming sector since we began. But this year more important than any previous year as new regulations like the credit card ban, and a shifting focus to online and mobile gaming mean that payment methods are changing. Now more than ever it is important for companies in the gaming space to offer a stable, secure payments platform that is flexible around the needs of both the customer and the business.

This was just one of the takeaways from ICE London 2020 though. Another was the growing influence of eSports across the industry. There was an entire section of the event dedicated to this rising sector with live games where attendees could make mock bets in real-time. It was more than just betting on who would win however, the bets could range anywhere from who would get the next point to which item was going to be picked up next and by who.

This sector seemed most popular with younger attendees while the more traditional sports betting, slot machines and roulette tables were being tested by the older generation. Although even in this sector it seems like the influences from video gaming has seeped in, as skill-based gambling machines were prominent. These were machines that were inspired by popular mobile games such as Candy Crush, that awarded the user credit based on their own abilities rather than luck. It was more engaging than traditional machines and stood out from a lot of the other gaming technology available.

Both of these takeaways supported our hypothesis around the desires of players in the gaming industry: they care about the play and not the pay. The industry has recognised that the future of gaming is in the more engaging forms of play. That’s why at PXP Financial we went to ICE London with the intention of providing a solution to the highly fragmented payment landscape that can be found in the shadows of the industry. Domestic debit schemes, restricted payment methods and protocols are preventing play. We aim to fix that.

PXP Financial delivers a many-into-one proposition all on a single contract. Our solution covers multiple payment methods, channels, currencies and countries; with a team of experts supporting our partners the entire time. We got a lot of positive feedback about our solution and service during the event, especially from the international markets that are looking for a provider who works on a global scale. This is important as consolidating relationships into one global payments partner helps cut costs, drive revenue and increase player satisfaction.

ICE London is always a pleasure but this time it gave us a glimpse into the upcoming decade; the challenges new technologies will bring, and the ways companies have to adapt to meet an ever-demanding player-base. To support all of this a solid payments structure is needed behind the scenes to ensure that no matter what changes, players can still get the funds they need to game, and we showed those who attended our booth this year that we could offer just that.

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