Coronavirus restrictions have meant that businesses are having to adapt their trading models. And that means exploring new ways to pay and get paid. We list some of the most common ways below.

1. Face-to-face

In-person card payments are still the mainstay for many who trade from physical stores during the Coronavirus outbreak. Various countries have increased contactless card limits to make shopping quicker and easier for both merchants and consumers during the crisis. See our previous blog for more details.

2. Online

If you’re looking to sell more online, launch country-specific websites or your very first website, get in touch. Our experts can help with everything from recommending which local payment methods to accept to how to cope during peak trading periods.

3. Email

Email can be a useful way to take payment. We’ve recently announced a new partnership with Prommt, the payment request platform, to enable secure pay-by-link via email and SMS. If you already use the PXP Financial’s ANYpay gateway, enabling pay-by-link as an additional payment channel is quick and painless.

4. Mobile

There are so many great mobile ways to pay: in-app, in-person using contactless, mobile web and via text (SMS) to name but a few. If you process via our ANYpay secure payment gateway, all your sales will appear on a single statement with a single settlement date and set of rates, making payment admin and reconciliation a breeze.

5. Telephone

If you already have a counter-top or virtual terminal, it’s relatively straight-forward to take telephone orders and payments. Card details must be entered directly into the terminal though, and not recorded or written down for security reasons.

6. Mail order/catalogue

Mail order is the original remote payment channel that’s been around as long as cards. But if it’s not broke, why fix it? Mail order works fine for many businesses. And depending on your existing or pivoted business model may be a great additional sales and payment channel.

7. Payment on delivery

A card payment device paired with a mobile phone or tablet can be a convenient payment on delivery solution. Mobile point of sale or mPOS gives you the flexibility to trade outside your main store environment, for example when making home deliveries. Contact us for more details on our mPOS integration.

For more information

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