Our top tips for getting the most out of your in-store estate this holiday season.

Covid left uncertainty for instore sales over the past 18 months so Store managers are used to expecting the unexpected. They’re used to hoping for the best but planning for the worst. Against that backdrop, here are our top tips for planning ahead, being prepared and flexible as peak season approaches.

Additional fixed points of sale

You probably already have reconfigured store lay-outs to accommodate social distancing. For example, deployed floor markings and signage to manage queues and installed screens at checkout.

Powering up additional fixed tills is a great way to cut queues and serve customers faster as peak season approaches. You may have several fixed points of sale in-store, only some of which are ever used for the majority of the year. Plan in advance to ensure that the terminals and PIN entry devices (PEDs) are working when you need them.

If you want to re-introduce a terminal that’s not been used in a while, we can help test it ahead of time. We can also see from our monitoring system when you’ve added a new POS, and whether it’s using the most up-to-date software.


Making card acceptance mobile

Mobile point of sale, or mPOS for short, gives you the flexibility to take payments in-store with no sacrifice of retail space, no wires or cables. That’s a boon at this time of year, when you want to devote space to displaying merchandise not processing payments. You can also deploy your staff more efficiently at busy times to serve customers.

If you’re operating pop-up stores, concessions or trading outside your main store environment, for example through a hatch or window to the street as a Covid-19 work-around, mPOS will also help you get up and running with card acceptance quickly.


Train your staff

At this time of year, you may engage additional temporary staff. Or be welcoming colleagues from other stores or those returning from furlough. It sounds obvious but make sure your staff are trained on how to process payment on your particular terminal set-up. This may have changed.

They are in a perfect position to guide customers through the payment process and leave them with a positive final impression of your store and brand. So, explain how to use the terminal, prompt the customer and offer a receipt.

Unfortunately not everyone that visits your stores has the best intentions. Terminal swap out fraud is a real threat. Fraudsters pose as maintenance staff so they can modify or replace terminals and capture card details. Forewarned is forearmed. Train staff to challenge anyone claiming to be maintenance staff, ask for ID and supervise and escort visitors whilst they are on the premises.


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