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About PXP Financial

PXP Financial is an end-to-end payment platform, providing a single unified solution to accept payments online, on mobile, and at the point of sale.

Whatever your business needs today or tomorrow, our innovative payment platform will support your business growth with all the payment services you will ever need from one source, wherever your business takes you.


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4/27/21 9:00 AM

How to counter the psychology of scams

By Graeme Zwart, Head of Security  Scams may change but the underlying psychology doesn’t. We present five weapons in ...

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4/26/21 2:00 PM

How to protect your business from Covid-19 related scams

By Graeme Zwart, Head of Security  Covid-19 has caused both legitimate and illegitimate businesses to pivot. Criminals ...

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4/26/21 9:00 AM

Get more out of your payment partner during peak season

With peak trading season just around the corner, we consider some principles to guide retailers’ response and get the ...

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